Services available from the practice:

All GP practices are contracted to provide 'essential services', that is, basic treatment of ill people. We also provide the following 'additional services':

  • Child health surveillance.
  • Contraceptive services.
  • Maternity services.
  • Immunisation for adults in relation to travel. (Not all travel immunisations are available on the NHS; please ask our practice nurse for details.)
  • Cervical smears.

We also hold a contract with GG & C HB for the following 'enhanced services':

  • An annual flu immunisation programme to protect the elderly and those at risk.
  • Regular monitoring, by blood and urine test, for patients on a range of drugs for arthritis and bowel problems.
  • Annual reviews for patients with the following:
    • Diabetes
    • CHD
    • COPD/Asthma
    • Epilepsy
    • Thyroid condition
    • Hypertension
    • History of stroke/TIA
    • Dementia
    • Other mental health issues
Local Services
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